Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Platform - London Fields

I have an admission to make; I subscribe to conde nast travel's email newsletter. Last week I got a message advertising the five best hidden outdoor restaurants. Number five was Platform in London Fields. The same day my friend, who did not know about the conde nast, messaged me and asked me to join her for dinner and drinks at this very same restaurant. Ace! I didn't even need to find people who would want to come to this possibly overhyped and overpriced venue with me.

So the hidden entrance; behind a container, is actually not working when we get there and we have to go through the main entrance of Nettle House, off mare street. But it's still a pretty hidden entrance; as in we have to walk up two flights of unmarked stairs and down a hall with offices to get to a very unremarkable room, which did later on turn into a pretty rocking bar and music venue. 

The Hidden Entrance:

But we go outside. The outside is rustic, with a miss-match of chairs and benches and plants curving the walls of the patio. We are like a platform; hugging the train tracks. Hence probably the name. 

It is self-serv from the bar inside and the prices are reasonable without being cheap. Lots of people were drinking cocktails but we stuck to proseco. The best part was that it came in a good cooler bucket and this stayed cool! 

At one point I ordered food. The food is a grill in the corner of the bar which does skewers and lamb chops. The ordering method was not intuitive; I had to go to the inside bar to order, then give them my table number (I didn't know I had one), and then take a note to the grill for them to make my food, which then at least they bring to my table about 20 minutes later. 
The plate looks big, but the portions are actually small. My lamb chops however are delicious. Slightly too fatty for my taste, but nonetheless delicious. The sides of bread, salad and rice are also easy and pleasing on the palette. I are it fast and furiously and was only sad I couldn't have more. 

The big-small plate:

At £10 for a plate, it's not exactly cheap when you consider what's on sale at your garden variety food truck in London these days. But at the same time £10 for dinner on a Saturday night is probably not too shabby. 

As evening fell, I was suprised by the extent to witch the building around us shielded us from the wind and the crowd slowly swelled with late 20 something creatives.

It was a fun night overall, but essentially I am probably not dieing to go back.
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