Thursday, October 17, 2013

Mari Vanna

It's time for another original Lunch in Knightsbridge. I am sure we all realise that you can get anything in Knightsbridge. And by anything I mean loads of different and awesome cuisines. Including speciality restaurants like Mari Vanna; the Russian gourmand London outpost.

I think I should tell you that I have been here many times. Mainly because the food is great, the ambiance is camp professional (which is not a thing) and it's always quiet yet you are not the only person in the restaurant when you come for lunch. 

This time I had the full 3 course menu. This started off with a warm borsch. Particularly nice because it really has gotten cold y'all. It's a nightmare to eat; of course, because one knows it will stain and never go away being pure beetroot. But the sourcream and scone like roll is enviably wholesome. The way I imagine my grandmother would have made it; if she had been in the borsch making business. 

Borsch delight:

While I eat it I have to just point out, that I am at a business lunch, while the other people in the room are overwhelmingly power-mums enviably doing luncheons. My bag had it's own stool, and yes, the brown bread and herb butter is completely delicious. 

Moving on though I get the Siberian Plemeni, which I believe indicates it has something carnivorous, rather than green, inside some airy and thinly wrapped boiled but oily dumplings. It might be a bit much of same-same for my taste. Why eats that many dumplings in one sitting? (Me?) But they are very flavourful and actually I should think done just right. Making me think one should stop chasing Chinese dumplings and just go full steam ahead for Russian dim sum. (Restaurant concept in the making? I think so!) 


Now the desert; from my first visit I have been in love with the creamy, full and crispy Napoleon Cake. I have to admit; this had that light vanilla flavour you want, but was a little more dense in texture than I remembered it to be. In retrospect I might have to go back to validate my observation, because it's still really good.

Napoleon you conquered me:

I don't know what to tell you? If this is modern Russian cuisine, I am all in. 

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