Thursday, October 10, 2013

A dose of dose

I am on my way to a risk assessment at the breast cancer centre at St Bart's. My mum and my paternal grandmother both had breast cancer and so I am getting checked, because I would rather be progressive and face my fears and be as informed as I can be, than being caught out. Which I suppose I think inevitably I would be if I did one day get breast cancer. But ultimately, I think of it like travel and restaurant research; I might not know where I am going but it will probably be easier and more pleasant if I have a few pointers of direction. And so I face the future. A little nervous. But mostly empowered. (spoiler alert: I am moderate risk and am to keep myself educated and boob vigilant).

To get to the point of the post though, I decided not to go empty handed but to finally pop into Dose by Smithfield market for a capuchino and a chocolate croissant. I have read about dose in all those independent coffee lovers guidebooks. Expectations are high. 

Dose has a RED theme going on inside; red walls, red tables and red cups and red plates. (If only it was pink ; it would really fit the theme... But alas we have to stick to reality and settle for red) It's also insanely busy; all the tables are full and there is a line. I am wondering; don't these people have jobs? Maybe they are all going for cancer screenings? We'll never know because I am too busy scruffing down the chocolate croissant and contemplate existentialism to ask. The pastry is a little hard and dry but the chocolate is dark and full bodied and delicious. 


And then the coffee comes. I take the first sip and yes, yes it is good. It has a modestly nutty taste and dry texture. I rush to the clinic and find myself appreciative as I sit in the breast cancer waiting room stairing into space as my appointment time nears. "If this was my last cup of coffee, I would have done pretty well," I think morbidly. 

As said; it all went well. And obviously I would go back to Dose for another dose of coffee. But in retrospect though at my next st Bart's appointment I might also stalk down other places to compare and contrast. Discovery after all is what I am all about.
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