Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Speak Easy Coffee

I really like the art at Soho coffee bar Speakeasy. The entire cafe feels clean; clean black slates and clean white walls with clean, structured art that reminds me of doing 10th grade math. Only it has more colours. The place is suprsingly quiet being just off carnaby street; but that is also what I like about it. You can sit here and actually have a conversation with someone; in this case my lovely and beautiful artist friend.


We have coffee and tea and macarons and the coffee is lovely and the tea is good (though leaves had not been released to the boiling water and were a bit cumbersome to add). Anyways it's besides the point the macaron was super delicious. Small, sweet and distinguishably pistachio flavoured. They obviously but them wholesale elsewhere; but it is a good wholesaler. 

More bread and more coffee:

I have to say I really appreciate this small and simple coffee shop in the heart of swarming Saturday soho. To sit uninterrupted and have an intimate conversation about my friend's overly complicated love life with a man who writes her protracted love letters via text, her and I both hope actually make sense when translated back to Russian. But as neither of us speak that language we will sadly never know, is a true pleasure. 

I don't come here all the time, but I do come here whenever I am stuck in soho on a busy afternoon. I definitely recommend it. 

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