Thursday, September 12, 2013

One Lucky Duck

I am so excited about this entry which combines seven of my most favourite things: 1. Hole in the walls with scrumptious food 2. Hole in the walls of upscale restaurants with scrumptious food, 3. Incredible, innovative food that i dont know how to make, 4. Deserts, 5. Raw, vegan, organic anything, 6. Icecream sandwiches, 7. Juice. See seven of my most favourite things.

To start from the beginning; when I enter the hole in the wall wooden door of One Lucky Duck by Union Square I am so hyped; there are positively five people in front of me in line (one of whom is an actual a list celebrity, who shall remain otherwise nameless, because this is where people like that hang). As they order my stress levels increase. I want so many items on the menu; I want a melomar, an icecream sandwich, a cheesecake, sushi oh and a fresh green juice, just because that's you know why 99% of the people that come here, come here. The  woman behind the counter looks at me with reproach; "is that all?" Oh no. I want to order more, but this is only lunch and I don't have space to eat or drink anymore before it would either melt (because its nut based icecream) or go off (because its all biodynamic organic and raw). The cowboy is outside so I continue with sneak; "I'll also get a Cesar salad and a bunny-brew." Matter of factly she replies; "that will be $99. Just give me a few minutes to prepare." No problem! I am already outside on the little bench, in the shade, gushing about all the excitement that is about to hit us up!

We grab all the goodies to go and venture over to union square to unwrap. Wow; wow; wow! We start off with all the sweet stuff; so as to have it frozen, as it was intended. I don't even know where to start: One Lucky Duck's raw, vegan deserts are so delicious. Really, truly an actual favourite of mine!  The icecream sandwich tastes like icecream sandwich; soft and cool; only tastier and with a yummier after taste of nuts and agave rather than ageing milk and sickly sugar. I am so satisfied. 

But it is so good:

The melomar equally is fantastic; crunchy cookie base, covered in sweet dark chocolate, with a dollop of cool vanilla cream topping. The cowboy; who is entirely on the fence about this entire restaurant (being i am afraid not much into vegan and vegetarian food; because well he is a cowboy; not a carrotboy - in spite of what the bunny-brew might indicate) is even delighted! He wants to finish it.

Not so I am afraid for the cheesecake. This comes on a stick, covered in chocolate. However, as I bite into it the thing falls apart onto my lap and the flavour I am afraid is not much better than the weak consistency. It is super sweet and very intensely berried. That sounds like it could be great; but it's not. Especially after the other two highs, it is a relative disappointment. Don't get me wrong; it's not bad, it's just definitely not at all as good as the other two things we tried. 

Having polished three deserts in c 15 minutes I am now on to the mains. I am having the sushi and it is delicious

Raw. Vegan. Sushi:

A real treat. Each piece is seaweed, avocado, peppers, carrots and beans. They taste so fresh and good ; I never want them to end. Not to mention they come with a side of awesomely raw pickled ginger. It is very sharp and I find my pallet both astonished and delighted at the same time. 

In the meantime the cowboy is enjoying his Cesar salad, which sadly was a little too raw for his liking. This particularly was a result of an actual dead fly he found on one of the leaves: gross! Of course it's hard to say how it ended up there seeing as we are eating outside in a park. Suffice to say it in no way has deterred me from either wanting to go back or recommending this place to anyone who can be bothered to listen to me. 

I honestly think One Lucky Duck is one of my favourite luncheonettes. I dont know how they make most of their food, but it tastes extraordinary and it makes me feel fantastic! 

My only wish; they would open one in London.

 (oh my... Wishful thinking...) 
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