Sunday, September 8, 2013

Nights and Weekends

It's true: when you live in New York City you end up at one point or other spending all your nights and weekends out in Brooklyn. On this particular night I found myself in Greenpoint and it's night and it's weekend and ironically I am at Nights and Weekends; a buzzing cocktail bar at the top of Bedford Avenue.

This is night and this is weekend:

They do table service and as we sit down we are presented with a menu that boasts Cuban inspired cocktails and locally brewed beer. Me; I order the Mi Corazon a coconut based cocktail with Fresno Pepper infused Cachaca and lime. Cachaca, of course, being the fermented sugar cane liquor originating probably from Brazil; caparinhas anyone? 

The cocktail is appetising. It is frothy white, with two actual peppers floating on top of the concoction. As I sip it the chile is biting, but luckily the drink is softened adequately by the coconut milk to make it supable. Honestly, I have never had such a strong cocktail. I was impressed by its daring overtures and pleased by its subtler notes. Dang. Good. 

The Cowboy had ordered a Brooklyn Summer Ale, which came in a can unpoured and unopened. He was charmed; he has a pet-peeve against beer being served in a bottle and then poured partly into a glass at restaurants. He likes beer out of cans and bottles. As a result this is all very exciting to him too.

Spicy spicy cocktail:

We were both ready to stay for a second drink. The night is warm, the weekend is happening, the people were crowding and beeing. That cocktail was so unique I definitely wanted to try something else off the menu. Sadly, however, we had to leave. Excitingly, we had a dinner appointment to make. 

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