Sunday, September 8, 2013

Eating. Revelry. Bien Cuit.

Smith Street in Cobble Hill is such a foodies paradise lined with countless independent restaurants serving just deliciously crafted tasty delights. Probably due to my Scandinavian heritage I am recommended to try the bread at bakery/cafe Bien Cuit.

The Cowboy correctly points out that Bien Cuit is one of those we-could-be-anywhere-in-the-world-right-now-trend places. Black clean modern lines dominate, with just a few artisan items reminding us that someone involved with this enterprise cares not just about bread but also with the look and feel of the customer experience. 

Keeping it simple:

At this point I was ready to be charmed and enjoy a good sandwich when the best thing happened; they make tebirke. 

For the uninitiated a tebirke is sort of a mix between a danish and a croissant, only usually rectangular with sesame on top. You can get it everywhere in Denmark and it is delicious, but honestly I have never seen it anywhere else in the world. Needless to emphasise I was flabbergasted. 

Tebirke - American Style:

Now comes the bit where I am a tool; I didn't buy it. I couldn't. I was too afraid of disappointment. Suspecting then that I would be this annoying scandi hooligan sitting in Brooklyn complaining about my average tebirke. I just couldn't. 

Instead I got the tomato and rabiola tartine. Honestly it was so pretty with green, yellow and red tomatoes colour scheming the open sandwich; topped with shavings of pickled fennel and thyme. I was sold.

The prettiest tartine:

I am in luck: the sandwich tasted as good as it looked. The campagne bread accentuated a heave base, the relatively thin layer of rabiola then created a creamy but subtle juxtaposition to a generous and juicy tomato, fennel and thyme topping. I was very pleased. 

As we left I felt like actually we couldn't be anywhere; the clean decor clearly puts the onus on the food to revel visitors. Me, I am a reveller.

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