Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I ❤ New York Doughnut Plant

Partially due to proximity, partially due to excellence New York Doughnut Plant became my local in the 30 seconds it took me to spot the industrial chic storefront, push the doughnut shaped door handle  and step inside this specialises pastry haven. Even before my morning coffee the staff was exceedingly friendly, taking it in stride as I changed my order multiples times before eventually settling on the coconut lime doughnut hole with a matcha green tea ice tea.

Before I continue, I want to emphasise that I love doughnuts. I hardly ever eat them; and I suppose it could get a bit much if it was a daily stable, but lets be real here; there is something about a good doughnut that few things can compete with. 

Personally it takes me back to my days in summer camp; having afternoon tea (this was in England by the way) with my fellow campers in a grand lawn tent, which had seemingly endless tables of jam filled, sugar covered dough balls. It was the first time I had ever had a doughnut (accurately reflecting my deprived danish upbringing). They were just supermarket standard. But to 13 year old me they were marvellous. Sugary, flavourful yum. 

A doughnut plant:

It is no surprise then that when I see matcha, peaches & cream and tres leche flavoured donut options I fawn with excitement. It is just too much goodness and fun. Well, I have to say as soon as I bite into my coconut and lime I was satisfied with my final choice. 

The cream was appropriately coconut flavoured, the lime added just a hint of juicy freshness and nicely broke up the heavy fried dough and light layer of sugar cover. It was entirely delicious. 

The matcha ice tea equally was very good, though far less memorable, and the cowboy promises me they make descent coffee. Overall; this very quickly became my favourite joint on the far far Lower East Side of Manhattan. What a treat.
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