Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wrenched by Cocktail

I am trying to avoid being that person who frequents the Hotel Bar at places like the Standard or the Jane or on this case the Bowery after 2am on a Saturday night. Instead my friend suggests we meet at the Wren; directly across from said Bowery and ultimately feeling a little bit like a stake out; with dark hardwood floors, wood panelled walls, period pieces and hunting trophies throughout, complete with a couple of leather lounge chairs and a long, fully stocked bar; which however also promises to serve as a restaurant (or at least serve food) at more civil hours.

Wouldn't you like to sit immersed in thoughtful conversation here:

Because this place has the makings of a speakeasy I order an old fashioned. To me the old fashioned is the pinnacle of the cocktails and what makes or breaks a cocktail bar. Do they have it? And more importantly; do they actually know how to make it? 

When I tell the cowboy he looks at me with a wry smile; "you are obviously hoping to get a break from me for a few minutes!" - the cowboy knows that a good old fashioned takes time, but, unlike kanye's croissant, if done right, it is entirely worth the wait.

About 10 minutes later the cowboy is back with the old fashioned. It looks right and it tastes ok; but this is, by a long way, not the best old fashioned I ever had. To put it simply the flavours have not had enough time to blend; it is overly iced and underly bittered. I obviously drink it anyway - but this is clearly not their signature drink.

The old fashioned:

I actually didn't hate this place. I liked that it was still busy late at night without being totally rammed with people and that specifically there was enough energy to keep us going, but not so much so that we couldn't have a conversation. Next time just go for something simpler; a gin and tonic perhaps.

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