Friday, September 13, 2013

Miss Lily are you Deconstructing Carribea?

So the night Milley Cyrus decided to show da world that skinny white girls are twerking; I found myself at Miss Lilly's, a Carribean restaurant, where I too proceeded to culturally appropriate, in my case, jerk chicken and corn on the cob lathered in more jerk and grilled coconut.

Their is a dinning room behind the bar area of the establishment, which is low lit predominantly by candles. Record covers decorate the walls and LPs set the theme for round tables centring individual booths.

The lay of the land:

The menu is pretty straight forward: we order beers and corn, and proceed to mains of deconstructed fish tacos and jerk chicken and avocado normal tacos. I am told this will be two very different experiences as the fish tacos really are not tacos at all.

The waiter then proceeds to bring only two beers to the table even though we are three people drinking, along with what they say are only three orders of corn, which should have been four, and is made weirder because there are 8 pieces of corn, and none of us are sure how to divide that by 3 people. Needless to say the fourth order of corn never arrives, and my friend wants a second drink, but the waiter is nowhere to be seen. To sum it up: the service is pretty average. 

But I should say the corn I do have is delicious: sweet, crunchy and coconutty. A great starter and/ or side. 

Then my fish tacos arrive, which are really just fish and grilled jimeca. It is well spiced, comes with a side of peppery salad and is generally very good.

Deconstructed fish tacos:

This is followed up by my actual tacos; which granted are advertised as a starter but even so are surprisingly small and simple. Soft shells, a couple of strings of jerk chicken and avocado. There is a side of salsa and a slice of lime accompagnying them. I immediately feel I should have ordered the goat curry. But I am not discontent. It is just very sparring. 

Regular tacos (as in not deconstructed):

To be honest, I didn't find any of the dishes memorable neither in presentation nor in taste. I just was pretty straight forward, relatively light Caribbean food, served in pretty cool settings with pretty average service. I am not saying I wouldn't come back. But I probably won't come back.
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