Saturday, August 17, 2013

I devil my egg to Somers Town Coffee House

Possibly my favourite pub in London is Somers Town Coffee House. It has an unlikely location (behind the British Library between Euston and Kings Cross), it is spacious, it has in and outdoor seating, they take reservations, the service is top notch for London (and comes with a smile!), it is super relaxed and the food is made-on-order, light-on-gastro-innovation, proper heavy pub-grub.

They have a good selection of burgers, salads, sandwiches, pub stables (pie, fish-n-chips), and a selection of what they call "British tapas"; which is really just ordinary British food in one would assume smaller portions. This is an incorrect assumptions the tapas platters are like large starter platters, the 'order 3-4 for a meal' indication is deceiving I would say max 2 tapas per person.

British Tapas Menu:

I know about not ordering more than two a person from experience. When I went earlier this week I ordered a devilled egg, fish fingers and a new potato salad with horseradish (so three tapas plates). It came on a wooden board presented as a united collection (it is obviously for sharing but pdp wanted a burger). 

English Tapas on the Table:

It was so much food for just little me. But the good news was it was all very good. (I want to caveat, before I move on to what could come across as a thrashing that obviously this is an actual pub and it will as a result never be a grand culinary experience, but it is regardless good food.) The eggs came enveloped in bread and were perhaps a tat dry. I dipped them in ketchup and all was made well. The potato salad, was everything it promised, potatoes, with salad and spring onions and horseradish. The dressing had slightly too much mayo for my taste,  but that is a personal point. Potato salads are I believe supposed to be mayo-y. The fish fingers for me were the best. The fingers were warm and flavourful with a soft, thin layer of fry enveloping each artisan bit. I would complain that the fry was a bit too soft for my preference and the tartar sauce also slightly too mayo-y. But overall they were fried, fishy, fenomenal. I think the real conclusion is that this is a chef that is not afraid of the mayo. Some people will surely appreciate the accompanying flavours. I obviously bow to the sentiment - despite not being keen on actual mayo. 

The subsequent and real issue however was that after my three tapas I was so full I had no room for desert, which is a shame because everything looked and sounded delicious (And I am a total sucker for banoffee). Instead I opted for their pop-corn of the day which were caramel, whiskey and pecan flavoured (I am a total sucker for popcorn). It came in a small cup and were actually better than they sound (almost impossible). I was not indulging in alcohol that night but the popcorns sweetened whiskey and nut flavour entirely satisfied any want I may have had. Honestly it felt like eating an amaretto or an Irish Coffee. Total crunch and alcohol infused perfection.

Our bill came to £35 for two people including drinks (pdp drank for two), three tapas, popcorn and a burger. I have nothing but good things to say about Somers Town Coffee House other than it might just be my favourite pub in London. 
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