Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Getting down with Motown

Donc, it is Tuesday night. It is summer and I for once finished work early enough that by the time I am done with my completely non-glamorous shores it is still only 8pm. (+1 to me)

The evening is mild and as the sun sets over central London I finally convince my pdp to do my most favourite summer thing ever: go for a walk after dinner and get icecream that you can then eat as you walk back! (Walking and eating, eating and walking; 't is what we do best.)

Camden passage is probably the place to get icecream at 8.30pm in east(ish) London. As it turns out the Hackney hipster crowds are really not good with the whole icecream thang. Think about it? Not even brick lane has a parlour. It is all coffee and cake, cake and coffee. Which is strange because I always think of icecream as being aces crunk food. Never mind; I am reminded about Motown Desserts (two para's in we get to the point. Impressive, no?); the newish cake and icecream store on Bethanel Green Road.

As we walk over there I feel like this definitely is the best thing ever; people are out, box park is vibing, Brew Dog is a serving up Camden Larger to a pair of girls with hydrogen peroxided hair out to try and party (on a Tuesday no less). Even Motown has a calm stream of people coming and going. There is seating downstairs and in the back, both spaces emitting a relaxed summer buzz. 

Good cake and icecream selection:

The guys behind the counter are really friendly and ask if we have been before. We have not and as a result we are swiftly offered taster spoons of their most popular flavour: honeycomb. Following which I order their Brownbread ice cream in a cone.  Because a dark chocolate dipped cone feels appropriately retro Motown cool. 

As we walk home we discuss the merits of the icecream: the waffle is fine; though not otherworldly fresh off the waffle maker. The icecream; it is creamy and cool, as I believe Icecream should be. But it is also extremely sweet and perhaps slightly too dense. As I finish I decide that yes I think ultimately it is too dense; but also and interestingly I have the same taste and texture in my mouth that I get after cotton candy. 

Sweet Icecream and spoon recycle (+1):

As luck has it I was in the mood for a sweet high and surprisingly felt extremely satisfied. My pdp, however, had ordered two scoops and felt sickly. (He was like; that was really good, but I should have eaten less! Poor belly!)

I would definitely recommend Motown. Sweet people, proper sweet deserts (no additives or artificial flavours, and the outcome is better than good). But warning: keep it to a one scoop affair; or alternatively if you are looking to sugar high a child (Because maybe it's annoying parents gave it to you to look after on the one day you could have gone sky-diving and you want to get back at them), then by all means give the kid more! (But don't give it diabetes; that's just evil!) 

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