Friday, August 2, 2013

Comstock Saloon for Two

At 8.30pm I find myself pulling up at Jackson and Kearny on the edge of Chinatown in San Francisco. We are just going to find something to eat somewhere in Chinatown/Jackson Square. That's when me and my compadrina stumble upon Comstock Saloon on Columbus. We are not very hungry so their substantial appetisers/ snack menu has top appeal. The host is a super friendly, elderly man who gives the place a real saloon feel. (gosh I love American service standards! It's just the best!)

We are seated right away and asked if we want cocktails. I immediately say yes; the host then suggests (I love when hosts/ waiters suggest things...) a cocktail, which sadly I didn't catch the name or core ingredients of. I just said YES. It was very good though. It reminded me somewhat of a mix between a whiskey sour/ sommerset drink I had last week a beagle in london; but it wasn't a whiskey sour (or the sommerset obviously): On second thought (and appologies for the vagueness but I had just been on a flight for 10 1/2 hours), it could have been something entirely different.  On third rotation I am mildly regretful I didn't just order an old fashion (I am completely convinced they would have done it justice!) 

The mystery drink:

We ordered two salads to share: flank steak and the peach and blue cheese. 

It came quickly and was really good. The peaches came fresh off the grill (warm (not hot)) and the blue cheese was soft and in just the right small cruton size chunks. The honey/vinegar dressing was so scrumptious and sweet the tomatoes adding just a dash of balancing sourness.  Making it a main course salad and not a desert (It really basically could be a desert: so sweet and good!) 

Grilled peach and blue cheese: 

The flank steak salad in my mind could now only be a disappointment. And, upon reflection, it was not as mesmerising, but it was also not disappointing. It was an equally perfectly executed dish the only difference in terms of goodness really, to me, was the novelty of the warm grilled peach/ blue cheese/ tomato simple extravagant lusciousness vs the classic plainness of a steak salad; innovation in this case winning out.

Steak Salad (no filter):

The steak was seared medium rare and came on light lettuce, radish and fried onion (in the pic the onion looks really overwhelming but it really wasn't at all). There was quiet a lot of vinaigrette on the salad making it slightly less crunchy than I would have preferred, but the radishes were a very strong fresh addition. An all together satisfying experience.

The bill came to $60 including tip. I don't have to tell you the service was flawless (this is America after all). I also don't have to tell you the ingredients were super fresh and delicious (this is San Francisco after all). I do have to tell you the food was really flawlessly flavourful concoctions. Only drawdown really was the presentation; it is Saloon style - so as u can see from above pictures just sort of thrown together haphazardly on a plate. 

Overall I give this truly speakeasy (wood panelled walls, booths, and leather benches, oaked chairs and tables, mirror inlays and a classic cocktail bar) saloon/ restaurant/ cocktail spot my highest recommendations for a laid back but truly quality evening out.

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