Saturday, July 27, 2013

Full Stop

I have an admission to make; when I went to Full Stop this morning I was still very drunk. Like so drunk. 

That said; I love brick lane on Saturday mornings. It is dirty and empty, like the day after a house party when you finish throwing out all the plastic and you sit among the empty glass bottles, the quiet pavement and aggressive wall art telling its own story. 

Full Stop is on the northern end of Brick Lane and it is a hipsters paradise (the barista totally has a massive beard, the lamps have dusty red shades reminiscent of the 40s and they sell raw maple syrup. Brilliant.) 

I am just there to get a coffee and am super excited when I find they have cortados on the menu AND make fresh juice. That's sort of a step up from most of the many many independent coffee shops in the area. 

Cortado on the menu = my kinda place

I order the Citrus and Ginger juice and a cortado. Naturally.

It is super empty at this time of the day but that also feels like part of the charm. I can totally see myself going there with friends for a beer during peak hours or sit around in their couches on a Thursday afternoon reading a book. 

I get it to go, as per usual (who has time to sit around and drink all this coffee?). The cortado is super delicious. They use square mile coffee and even in my drunken state of mind I can taste that this is an expertly brewed, picante espresso shot. Yum! 

The juice is also fresh and while the orange to carrot, lime, lemon and ginger ratio is too skewed towards orange for my taste (making the drink a tad too sweet) it was really nice to get a proper fructose kick before the hangover kicked in. 

Nice view too:

Bottomline: I will definitely come back. Might have to try the food next time too. Hail cortados! 
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