Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fabrique not Fabrik - Real Swedish Bread in London

In case you are wondering; I am confused by the name of this place. I am. What does it mean? Where does it come from?  How does it relate to bread? Because I speak Danish... Wow really... Yes really... I happen to know that Fabrik means factory in Scandinavian. But how that translates into fabrique and becomes a bakery I am not clear on. I suppose it doesn't matter. 

I went this morning (actually for the 2nd time). I got a croissant which my boss said tasted like France (that's great) and a cardamom bun (a variation on the swedish classic cinnamon bun) and it was delicious - though not distinctively better or worse than its traditional counterpart. And a capuchino.

A cardamom bun:

The coffee was pretty average. But I blame the server, who is a baker and not a barista. Which means really I blame myself because I should know better than to get coffee at a bakery (or a Mexican tequila bar. Alas, clearly I have not learned this lesson yet.)

I think this place is great. It's just behind Kingsland Road (behind the Geffrye Museum, next to Hoxton Tube Station). So a place no one ever goes. It has this unexpected industrial vibe, where I expect to look out and see 7th Avenue or Gare du Nord. Instead, I am looking into the Gardens of the aforementioned Geffrye Museum. Which is also great, though contextually unexpected.

This is the Fabrique:

And they make mean bread, which at £8 (yeah you heard me) makes me think I am actually in Knightsbridge... But obviously and in the breads defence; it's huge and they sell it in halves and thirds (so that's 2.6667 right?!)

Yeah it's totally overpriced. But it's Swedish and original and delicious. So maybe try it anyways. For the novelty factor. 

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